On Demand Cooking Classes 家庭で作るお寺ごはん

            On Demand Cooking Classes

In-person classes are held in Garberville, California

ZOOM classes are also available. Please contact me.




Japanese Cooking Classes   $35.00~  1.5 hours

Examples: vegetarian sushi class, gyoza dumpling making class, various noodle dish, etc. Other classes are available upon request.

*Simple cooking and lunch.

Experience Japanese Zen Vegetarian Meal  $50.00~  2 hours

*Lecture on Zen and Food

Tasting of Zen meal.  NO cooking involved.

Japanese Fermentation Classes $50.00~  2 hours

Lecture on Koji Fermentation

Tastings, making of koji fermented seasonings. Lunch to follow. *take home koji seasonings

                                       Koji fermented seasonings


Other Upcoming Classes

Miso Making 
Kimchee pickling

Past Classes

Sushi Making Class July 11, 2023 

July 2023


                                                                 June 2023